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JENA/Germany, 30.06.2011.
The planetarium in Moscow re-opened its doors just a few days ago after the completion of complex reconstruction and the installation of a new UNIVERSARIUM projector by ZEISS. The planetarium, which was originally opened in 1929, is the largest in Europe with a dome diameter of 25 meters.

The new UNIVERSARIUM projector is the third by Carl Zeiss to be used in the Moscow planetarium. The original Model II from 1929 was replaced in 1977 by an automatically controlled planetarium model developed especially for Moscow, which was in operation until 1994. Both instruments have been reconstructed and are on display in the exhibition area of the planetarium as historical instruments.

After the planetarium closed in 1994, the reconstruction and modernization work was repeatedly delayed for many years. Today, the planetarium in the center of Moscow is one of the world’s leading educational institutions for astronomy with its state-of-the-art technology. The historic building was hydraulically raised by 6 meters in order to gain an additional story. Interactive models, a Foucault pendulum, a large meterorite collection and artifacts from more than 50 years of space flight are exhibited in an area totaling 17,000 square meters.

The ZEISS planetarium technology will assist Moscow students in particular in understanding the processes in the night sky and encourage them to actively explore astronomy and aerospace issues. As a leading-edge educational and research institution, the Moscow Planetarium will also support other Russian planetariums in their work.

The world’s largest planetarium is located in the Japanese city of Nagoya and was opened in March 2011. An identical Carl Zeiss projector at the heart of the 35-meter dome simulates the night sky in this urban museum of science.

Exterior view of  the planetarium in Moscow
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Re-opened: the Moscow Planetarium with its new ZEISS projector is the largest in Europe.

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